Social Justice Destroys the Prospects of the Downtrodden

“What if the teachers of that era had been imbued with the present day conception of fairness? Where would my schoolmate and I be today? On welfare, in prison, perhaps at a halfway house if we were lucky; and would that not have been an injustice? To take individuals capable of independent, self-supporting and being self-directed women and men with pride in their own achievements and turned them into dependents, clients, supplicants, mascots?”

What we commonly refer to as social justice, Thomas Sowell calls cosmic justice. In the above video he gives his take on the damage that is caused by the quest for equal outcomes.

This is one of my favorite speeches of his because it speaks to the way in which these typically liberal policies which sound helpful, are actually harmful by being enabling. You know, there was once a time when Italians, Jews, Irish, and Asians were all very heavily discriminated against in America. How did these groups largely overcome that? It wasn’t by government handout. The simple fact is, that if you want to give a person or persons the ability to rise above discrimination, you have to give them economic freedom which will enable them to not be dependent on anyone who would choose to discriminate against them.

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